One would wonder how a Ugandan celebrity like Fabiola would be wowed by a kid but then again, Wizkid is not just the kind of kid to be played with. He is not only a senior celebrity but also an inspiration to many and Fabiola is not an exception.

Anita Fabiola handing the award to Starboy Wizkid
Anita Fabiola handing the award to Starboy Wizkid

“I was honored to present the African artiste of the year award to @wizkidayo last night at the Ghana Music Awards. What a night!!!” lamented Fabiola on Instagram as a caption to a picture in which she looked like she had just seen an angel.

Well as other students are busy reading for their exams since the examination period is on, Makerere’s Anita Kyarimpa Fabiola is still on a roll. The nude empress is probably looking around for a few more retakes or better yet, she dropped out of university in pursuit of her Journalism dreams, after all everyone only asks about work experience not manuscripts.


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