I just do not know anymore. I mean, I am not usually the type to talk about people’s bodies but I have to say something about this after we engaged in a rather interesting conversation about Anita Nderu with Samuel Majani.

You see, we have seen her grow up on our screens from her days on Teen Republic then now she’s a mainstay at Capital FM.
And for the longest time, pregnancy rumours have plagued her and I can empathize. Sometimes, just sometimes, even a harmless rumour can stress you out of your mind. Why? Because you end up having to explain to your friends and family the situation.

However, Anita isn’t entirely blameless in all this. Why? Because she takes photos of herself with her oddly placed potbelly that only serve to stoke these flames of rumours.

She recently took a photo with Amina cradling her pot like it were a baby bump and her entire timeline was lit with curious fans asking whether she’s preggers. Check it out below: