It has been a while since Dj Pierra Mackena gave birth to her little cute baby girl, and she was so full of joy taking that it was the other day when she was so heavy.

The Pregnancy that got everyone talking and having confirmed that they were no longer together with her baby daddy. But she was full of courage and boldness to take care of her bundle of joy. well, mum and girl seem to be fairing on just fine.

Since giving birth to her daughter Ricca Pokot, dj pierra mackena has never showed the face of her little cutie to her fans just like any other celeb. She has tried to conceal her face until during her birthday on 11 Tuesday.

Before then she was posting blurred photos of the little girl. But the dj decided to show her babies cute face during her  birthday.And gave her fans what they have desired since the little cutie came to this world.

Kenyans were delighted to see that the girl was damn cute  just like her mother. Fans showed their admiration for the little one. Showered her with congratulatory messages.

She welcomed the congratulatory messages from her fans after she introduced her saying someone wants to say hi. Her social media page lightened with many admiring her.

On Tuesday was also her birthday and i think she unveiled her to fans just to show them something to celebrate during her birthday.

This is what she said,

”I have always bought myself a gift for my birthday. .I have received many.. but none can compare to this gift of my baby girl.. the love is real and she has brought true joy into my life..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME,” Mackena wrote.

After she became pregnant many people abandoned her and so was her baby daddy. The disc joker and actress has braved up to the task and gave birth to her daughter Ricca on July 20, 2016, at about 1.45am.