It was sad day yesterday sunday10th after we woke up to news of 7 “Kenene” band members have perished yet again on our roads due to careless driving.

Reports hit the interwebs that seven local artistes were feared dead after a car they were traveling in was involved in a grisly road accident along Total-Timboroa road.

It was confirmed that the seven who died were the members of “KENENE International band” which had been performing for local politicians in just concluded elections in the rift valley region.

The band which had been soaring in fame in the rift valley had just perished in the accident. It was sad for other members of the band who had travelled in a matatu to learn of the sad news of their fellow members.

Bomet governor Dr. Joyce Laboso has sent her condolences to the family and said they will help the family as they come to terms with the loss.

The news was broken first on facebook by David Bowen.