Two weeks ago, rappers Timmy Dat and Tracey Kush decided to go separate ways owing to what was described as a misunderstanding between the two.

The incident that took place outside Club 1824 led to Timmy getting physical with Tracey.

In a statement to her fans, Tracey explained that she was walking away from the relationship after Timmy physically attacked her.

Timmy on his end has said he has no regrets about how things went down.

“I might have overreacted but anyone in my shoes would have done the same thing, hence no regrets” he told SDE on the phone.

“When you see the love of your live trying to play games right in front of you as if you are nothing – it pains a great deal,” he says adding that people are bound to talk but the final judge is God

Kush and Timmy’s separation has continued to elicit mixed reactions from a section of well renowned musicians who appear seemingly in support of Tracey’s decision to move on with her life.

“We are not trying to pass judgment here. But truth is Timmy is a public figure and a role model to many young people. Timmy should have thought things over before deciding to overact towards his woman that led to such an embarrassing situation bedsides him making headlines for the wrong reasons,” says Bobby Mapesa, adding that a man should always think before acting.

Rapper Majirani echoes Bobby Mapesa’s sentiments.


“Who beats a woman in public especially in this time and era when people can sit down and try to sort out their personal issues amicably and if not call it quits. That was simply an act of cowardice on the part of Timmy Datt,” says Majirani.

Rapper Khaligraph thinks it is irresponsible to beat or even rough up a woman or lady in public regardless of the nature of the problem.

“I strongly believe that there are things that should be left in the closet for the sake of our reputation and the people who look up to us. Fighting one another in public does not solve the issues. You cannot solve a problem with another and expect that things will turn out well. In any case you got so much to lose.”

Local rapper cum mentor Kavyo KForce describes the act of beating a woman in public as lack of confidence and a person who seemingly has many personal problems.

Veteran singer Nameless cannot agree more describing the incident as unfortunate. “You don’t get physical with a woman in public over private issues. There is the time and place to resolve your issues amicably up to the level when you cannot agree anymore then one is free to go on with his or her life.”

Mombasa based singer Nyota Ndogo who is still reeling in shock over the incident describes Timmy Dat’s act as immature and irresponsible. “Gone are the days when men beat women in public. We are living in a digital era.