His name is Ray, an upcoming artist whose dream is to take the Kenyan music scene to even higher international heights. He discovered his musical talent by accident, literally!“Really, by accident…..I intended to join drama club in campus but instead walked in on the choir as they were rehearsing in the theater auditorium. I was talked into doing a spot audition and just like that I was automatically a tenor in the choir…all this happened so fast but you know the saying “the rest is history”…at least it was a coercion into something I ultimately enjoyed and came to really like”, he says.

Could he be the one big artist you’ve been waiting for? The fresh voice which features on The Search might just be what you have been craving for!

 He says that he looks up to Diamond Platnumz, one of the most sought after, well -paid musicians in Africa. If you are a Diamond fan or follower, you’ll relate to Ray’s story perfectly.
“Diamond really inspires me…I watched his latest video Salome against his first video Mbagala…it’s amazing to see the progress he has been able to make over the years. From a guy who had no qualms singing amidst garbage at a dumpsite in nothing but his champalis (slippers) to a juxtaposition against the artistic opulence illustrated in the Salome video is really amazing and inspiring,” he says.

Diamond is an award winning singer whose fandom has enabled him to have a superb career so far, groundbreaking collaborations as well as an adorable family!

“It just shows how passionate and believing he has been in his art and how consistency can really take one far. Also just how he has been able to ensure a legacy perpetuation mechanism through Wasafi Records where he has mentored and signed artists that have had successful launches of their careers almost to his current level shows that this guy is not selfish but big on empowerment. I like that he is a self-made music star,” he adds.

So what’s Ray’s biggest aspiration?

“My dream is to be a key mover of change in the Kenyan music scene…to participate in ‘midwiving’ the birth of a rewarding music industry among the many others that are currently endeavoring to do the same and finally to be among the exporters of Kenyan music and culture to world,” he reveals.

On winning a million shillings on The Search:

“If I win the money, I’ll use it to finance my music projects, i.e shoot a music video for my debut single and marketing funds for both pushing of the single and PR for my brand,” he says.

Well, you can find out on The Search on Kiss TV every Sunday at 8pm.