Singer & Songwriter, Ayanda “Yaya OnFire” Masisi, who was introduced to the industry as “the disgruntled voice behind MiCasa’s All The Glory” is finally coming out with her own music & her debut single is expected to cause a stir!

The vocalist is releasing a song titled ‘Ngithe Ngiboleke’ where she assumes the role of an antagonistic mistress addressing her part-time man’s fiance about harassing her. In the song, Yaya makes some fiery statements that are bound to set the intestines of every main chick (Popular term for a man’s first wife or actual girlfriend) on fire!

The lyrics include lines like “Uphansi, uphezulu uzifraza ngami. That time ngiphansi, ngi-cool ngikudlela calmy!” Meaning the main chick is up in arms, stressing herself while Yaya ‘chows’ THEIR man calmly.

Although the song is extremely elaborate & Yaya Onfire seems well-versed on the topic, she clarifies that she has never been a sidechick before & the song is purely inspired by the stories she sees in daily life & via media.

Ngithe Ngiboleke is intended to pack a punch & the producer, Mister Monate stuck to the directive by making the beat bass driven, instrument heavy with perfectly positioned pauses & dramatic drums that encapsulate the attitude & boldness of the song.

Having studied music (majoring in vocal technique) & spending 5 years working behind-the-scenes in television production – namely: producing Sistas on Soweto TV, doing content for Vuzu’s 10 Over 10, Africa Magic’s Star Gist & being production manager for Sho’t Left with Dineo Ranaka & Dineo’s Diary – Yaya Onfire is ready to use everything she’s learnt & apply it to her own career as a fulltime, musician, writer & voice-over artist.

Yaya Onfire’s music credentials include the likes of DJ Clock who signed her under his record label AMPM Productions, MiCasa, DJ Cleo, DJ Mshega & more recently the hit-making band Uhuru.


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