Singer Avril has been one musician so conserved and only see bits through her social medias on whats happening in her private life. But in general she is one good person who keeps things under wraps.

She has been rumoured to be dating footballers the point she put clear that, those where her close dudes for ages.

Having been dumped by her south african boyfriend who finally proved to be a ‘fisi’, fans have been eargerly awaiting her revaeal of a new boyfriend. But all she did show was her “moving to my new home”.

But recently had wind that something could be cooking behind the scenes with video producer and director J Blessing. And as usual she refuted the claims though she was seen spinning around with his BMW.


Rumours were that, she was actually pregnant for him but she vehemently denied. But recently when the so said baby daddy posted a photo of him preparing something in the kitchen Wahu commented that he was not good in kitchen skills, which singer Avril congured.