Last year, Bongo stars AY and Mwana FA were awarded a sum of about 10 million shillings after they sued Tanzania’s biggest Telkom giant Tigo.
But even all the money they have received, life has not been the same for them. The two are among the biggest artistes in Tanzania, but they have not been getting gigs/events to perform and from the look of things, it seems like they were blacklisted.
MwanaFA and AY
Mwana FA and AY are treated like lepers, no one will give them gigs. The duo isn’t allowed or even given a chance to perform in any big gigs in Tanzania.
Basically, their music career has been affected by the payout, with sources claiming the Telkom giant has blacklisted the duo from any music-related events/activities in TZ.
So what will be their fate a few years from now? Only time will tell.