Why bad girls don’t change – Chris Hart

We all know about the bad guys who in the end always break girls’ hearts. But there are bad girls, too, who always break their boyfriends’ hearts.

You will recognise her on sight! Instantly arousing and loads of fun, she knows exactly how to strut her stuff.

The highest heels, shortest skirts, deepest necklines, barest midriffs and the sexiest lingerie – or none at all. She parties all night, loves sex and will happily fulfil any fantasy you can imagine any time you like.

But she is totally untrustworthy and will never be loyal. Every man wants her – and she knows it. She lost her virginity way too soon, laughs and flirts with your friends, and will be with anyone who catches her eye.

Selfish, expensive and extravagant, she thinks the world owes her a living, and she will never settle down.

She is not at all the sort of girl you want to introduce to your family.

Charming, loyal and polite. But good girls can also be boring and predictable. So no lust or lacy underwear. And even the most faithful girl can bring a mountain of problems.

Bad girls are awful in bed

Watch for the signs that she will be awful in bed. Self-conscious, never saying what she wants, endlessly giggling or really quiet, over-analysing everything, afraid to try anything new and never making up her mind.

Watch out for nit-pickers: nothing you do is ever right. And divas, who think the world revolves around them. Holier-than-thou girls.

Girls who are really looking for a father figure, not a real-life boyfriend. Or who are always looking for a fight. Or full of bitterness about previous relationships. Or controlling. Or compulsive weepers. Or liars. Or who call off dates, constantly change their plans and never show up. If she is flaky now, she always will be.

Be wary of someone who is always travelling, hard to please, and endlessly craving something new. Or a girl who is a fanatic about fitness, who picks at her food, or makes you her property: “Who are you meeting for lunch?” “What’s this number?” “Why did you look at her?” Or a girl who just cannot get enough of you.

Endless calls, and if you fail to answer, text messages whining about you not picking up the phone.

Bad girls: Who to marry

Instead, marry the girl who eats well, spends more on food than clothes, plays video games and likes being naked around the house.

She will be lots of fun – and loyal. Now then, all you need to do is train her to be a wildcat between the sheets.

There is no way a bad girl is ever going to be good. You have to start with someone who is faithful and fun then teach her to be sexually uninhibited.

Help her discover her natural sensuality. Show her how great sex creates a powerful bond between you.

And forget the bad girls. They are exciting to watch, but scary to touch. A sexy wife, on the other hand, is worth much more than her weight in gold.