Kevin Kioko AKA Bahati has made Kenyans both proud and equally angry.

From sitting on the president’s chair to immature fights with fellow gospel singer Willy Paul, the singer claims he has always been mis-judged and felt like it’s time he makes things clear that he didn’t have any bad intentions.



He apologised to Kenyans and assured them that he’s now a different man.

“Yes, I would like to do that on behalf of the gospel industry,” Bahati told Larry Madowo on the Trend.

“So I think these year I have grown and I have become a better person.”
                                       Bahati with President at state house

Modowo asked Bahati how he has managed to handle pressure from fans, social media and fellow Christians. Bahati has always been analysed from his dresses code to every Instagram picture he posts.

As a kid from the slums, Bahati says people watch his every move and he feels he has handle it better than he expected so far.“Yeah, I’m the most judged gospel artist in Kenya,” Bahati told Madowo.

“You know, guys don’t understand that just a few years ago I was living in the slums. So I still have that ghetto lifestyle in me.0fgjhs8md62gmovc4-88df07ea

Bahati with family

“I find sometimes that even have to check how to correctly hold a folk when in a dinner so they need to understand that I am also human and a Christian.It has not been easy.”

Bahati recently dropped a new song dubbed Maria, where he sings about how his first love strayed away from God and became worldly and materialistic, but some Kenyans did not seem to agree with that that’s actually a gospel song.

Watch the full interview below: