It seems like long time rivals Bahati and Willy Paul have finally decided to call a truce, for real this time.willy-paul-and-bahati

The two gospel musicians have not seen eye to eye for a while now and have in the past aired their dirty linen in public to the dismay of their fans.

Efforts to reconcile Bahati and Willy Paul have always yielded no fruit as the two often go back to their old ways moments after asking each other for forgiveness.


Case in point is sometime last year when they were both called on stage and prayed for at  the Groove Awards nomination party. Sources say they decided to bury the hatchet but a few months down the line, Bahati called out Willy Paul for leaking a song they did together.

The feud pitting the two musicians seems to be over, if the public display of affection on social media is anything to go by.


Bahati was the first to hold out the olive branch after putting up a post saying he respects the ‘Fanya’ singer because the latter started doing music more than two years before him

But that’s not all. ‘Mtoto wa Mama’ as he is commonly referred to, also took the opportunity to ask for Willy Paul’s help in seducing hot ladies. Over to you Willy Pozee!

This is what he posted.