In the last few weeks, gospel artist Bahati has been grabbing headlines following his casual meetings with the presiden. On the hand, his peer in the industry or is it a rival was also busy creating another controversy, trying to be Tanzania’s superstar Diamond Platinumz.0fgjhs4lpdqdrtf9g-0b886240

Bahati chats with Uhuru at State House

Controversial gospel artist Willy Paul is at it again and is likely not stopping soon. Once again he has shown how much he adores Tanzania’s superstar, Diamond by dressing exactly like him.At this point you wonder, why would a celebrity ape the style of another? Or does Willy Paul not consider himself as such?

In these photos, Willy Pozee not only copies the checked jacket but also the glasses, jewelry, wrist watch and even the bobble hat.0fgjhs5e9c15vsr3c-0c037c60

Check out the styles

Like I said, Willy Paul does not give a damn and he idolises whoever he wants. I am just asking, how does a gospel artist follow a secular one this much?