Diana Marua and her gospel artist prayer partner Bahati are living in sin!

Let us call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. Bahati is living in sin seeing as he is cohabiting with Diana Marua. You see, gospel artists by definition have to be role models, walking the straight and narrow.

He and Mr. Seed and Diana Marua were hosted on NTV where he had gone to promote their new song “Kumbe Kumbe” and while there, Diana Marua was put on the spot over what time Bahati wakes up.

It was Sameer Bry’s cheeky way of giving us a glimpse at what it is they have as a prayer partnership. And it worked. She didn’t choke up when she let it fly that Bahati is an early riser.

According to her, it depends on what his day has in store but he generally is an early riser and hard grinder. That intimates a familiarity with his schedule no?

Fast forward to the 8:30 time slot. That is where the action goes down.

Personally, I don’t care, I am an avowed heathen. I am all about sinning!