Popular gospel musician Bahati is an adorable father to his adopted children.

He has never shied from showcasing his adopted children Morgan, Purity and Becky and will always treat them better than your father treated you!

Gospel Artist Kevin Bahati who never grew up under the loving arms of his own mother but was brought up in an orphanage seems to compensate that loss by showering his love to his children. He has decided to become their real Shujaaa (hero).

From selfies to toys, the kids are really having a ball with their celebrity young father, keeping him good company before he decides to marry later on.

Whether they sit on the floor while having their meals, what is evidence is that they are comfortable and swimming in their father’s fortunes, living a better life than you.

An outing with daddy is never complete without taking a boat ride and knowing how to row the oars of life in order to succeed. See your life now!

A selfies in a car tongues out because love and comfort are in plenty.

Bahati has also taken dancing lessons from his children and boy, they are graceful and talented dancers!

And after a hard day of partying and rowing and dancing and selfies, how best to end the day than to retire into a sound sleep inside daddy’s car!