Bahati’s love story has finally gone full circle after he held a traditional wedding with Diana Marua and Mpasho would like to be among the first to congratulate him and wish him a happy journey.

Why a journey you ask? Well, because marriage isn’t the destination. It is a journey. And you should always enjoy the journey you’re on.

So as I was saying, Bahati took to social media to celebrate the fact that Diana Marua is finally his and I am happy o see the energy that was exuded in that post. Nothing but positivity. Check out his post below:

IT’S OFFICIAL… Thank You Jesus. She is Lawfully Mine. Now let the babies Come 😉 @Diana_Marua ♥

And this is what Diana Marua posted:

When the Title Mrs is no longer a miss now 😉 #MrsBahati @bahatikenya 😘 20.10.2017 🙏🏼