They have been role models to many young people after presenting themselves to the public as this lovely couple still blissful even at advanced age. However, was the first site in the blogosphere to learn that all was not well at JCC ministries as lead pastor Allan Kiuna could be cheating on his wife Kathy. Things got even fishy when popular Gospel singer Bahati called a few journalists trying to negotiate a dea.

After publishing a story based on the account of a classified source who divulged that Rev Allan Kiuna is expecting a child with another woman, a few calls were made.


The Kiunas

First it was Kiuna himself who called trying to get the story pulled down but the editorial policies did not allow.

His personal assistant known as Peter Gicheru had earlier been very rude when we called to get the reverend’s side of the story.

 A few moments later Gospel artist Bahati phoned individuals in the office with one mission, “pull it down” saying that his pastor’s name had been tainted.


Bahati made a few calls

His attempts bore no fruit as the editors firmly clang on the policies guiding work in the newsroom.

Let me bring you up to speed, the story goes that Kiuna has been hiding a mistress from his wife but Kathy found out anyway.


The Kiunas

Sources say that she flew out to South Africa to cool off. Kiuna denied having extramarital affairs even though a pastor is said to have left his church to open another after learning of Kiuna’s behaviours behind the closet.