(Laughs). After I quit drugs, I added a lot of weight and at one point, I was 100kgs! My family, especially my dad, used to make fun of me and they branded me ‘fat boy’.

I was determined to shed off the extra kilos. Recently, I fractured my arm and this inspired me to lose 15 kilos in two weeks. I think it is my diet

Speaking of drugs, you were on the verge of being totally wasted…

I got into drugs due to the wrong company I kept. I had a pal who was hooked to heroin. I remember the first time I took it.

I threw up for more than 20 minutes but later, it made me feel good. It was soothing. I felt awesome.


Before I knew it, whenever I was stressed, heroin was the only thing that made me forget my problems.

You once claimed that heroin healed your heartbreak…

Yes. I had an argument with my then girlfriend and she walked out on me. I was in so much pain. I took the drug for three to four days. The effects were bad.

I was sick and felt like I had malaria. I even went to hospital to be tested but the results were negative. I called a pal of mine who told me if I took more heroin, I would feel better. And surprisingly, that is exactly what happened.

After that incident, it hit me that I was now addicted.

Did your parents know you were an addict?

Not at all. I was a good pretender. But it reached a point I couldn’t do it anymore. I had to come clean. I was scared of living the double life. Deep down, I knew I needed help.

But I understand it isn’t easy to keep off drugs if you are an addict. Was it the same case with you?

Trust me, it was a battle! I had so many relapses and it took willpower to say enough is enough. It has been a struggle, but I am happy I have been clean.

I am sure there is a drug addict reading this and wondering where to start. Any advice?

Ask for help. I know it’s scary, but this is not a battle you can win alone. Addiction is a disease.

Tell us about your upcoming project…

I am doing a bunch of projects. Late last year, I decided to get back into music fully. I released the songs, Form Ni Gani and Chini ya Meza ft DTX.  I also did a track with a Nigerian star, Amota, titled Cheaters.

I also have a track with Wyre and working on another one with Eric Wainaina. I have my own studio and label called 3050 Muzik.  I plan to work with Avril, Khaligraph, Nyashinshki and Sauti Sol.