The former Necessary Noise (which also included Wyre and Nazizi) star has shared a word on forgiveness calling upon sinners to repent and that God will forgive them.

“You know I’ve been going through some things in my life personal things, painful things emotionally and physically especially physically and I’ve also been going through stuff and I even have to move my studio but in the same street (so no biggie).

But there’s nothing more I hate than moving especially when I have a chronic back problem. But the point to all this is that whatever problems you face, they could be from a quarrel with management or one specific person, or you rubbed someone the wrong way and can’t stand living in the same building anymore (not coz ur weak coz if you stay you could commit murder me, or push me down the stairs etc), or your not satisfied with their services and so on and so forth.

Well, as a relatively newborn again Christian, I forget forgiveness sets you free and as a soldier in the army of the Lord Jesus Christ King of Kings who hasn’t let me down or astray and I doubt he’ll start now. I forget I’m only human and the flesh is weak and I have a temper and I let my demons whisper in my ear sometimes and convince me to sin, and the rest of the human race is also susceptible to sin as much as I am but I’ll have you know!!! Redemption & forgiveness from God is given by him as well as long as you repent.”

The self-proclaimed born-again Christian recently, left his followers surprised after he shared photos of three of his exes describing the kind of women they were when they were still dating in a series of Instagram posts.