Luodollar has been shooting the headlines for his song ‘bank otuch’. The ‘bank otuch’ has made him known and threw him to fame after being a hawker for sometime.

Recently fans were surprised after it  emerged that his girlfriend whom they had publicly announced as being pregnant was a hoax or a stunt they were pulling?

Anyway that’s that. ‘Bank otuch’ hitmaker is unhappy man, after a blogger said that he had STI or sexual transmitted infection.

Sexually transmitted sicknesses are shameful to be associated with, though an artist, it doesn’t give him the right to venereal diseases. No one wants to admit ever having been infected with such.

So, for this blogger to say that Luodollar was infected with such  it was like a curse.

This is what he said;

“Where did you Guys copy paste these lies of me being infected?” Luodollar asked.

“Stop misleading Kenyans and my fans, Pay me to market your thing stop misusing my name, there are a lot of stories You Can work on. why don’t you talk about the Mombasa flood and how to help people who lost their homes? Why don’t you talk about food insecurity in the country?” wrote the angry rapper famed for the hit Bank Otuch

He was so out of his mind that he told the blogger that if he was sick it the blogger who has infected him with the sickness.