After leaving Royal Media Services (RMS) on October 12, 2015 where she earned a living as the host of Sunday Live on Citizen TV, Julie Gichuru is back. Well, something like that!


The popular news anchor announced her departure from the media house on social media stating that Ann Kiguta would take up her position.

In what seemed like a fall out with her employer, Julie severed all ties with the broadcaster and moved her shows, African Leadership Dialogues (ALD) and The Great Debaters Contest to KBC in January this year.

When put to task by Larry Madowo and asked to explain what necessitated both moves, she said that she was growing old, had various commitments – which denied her time to appear regularly on TV – and “gikmakamago” (things like those).

I’m pleased to inform you that you’ll be seeing the former news anchor in your living rooms again as she recently landed a job as the host of a lottery game show to be aired on KTN.

She hosted the première edition of the show that is dubbed “Shinda Washinde” alongside comedian Jalang’o and trust me, Julie has never looked this sexy!

The interesting part is that you get to see her on Sundays – like you were used to before – at exactly 8:00 pm. Honestly, I don’t know if it can get any better than that.