Joy Karambu popularly known as Kawira on the Citizen TV drama, Papa Shirandula got married in 2015.


Kawira at her wedding

On TV she was that bald-headed, naive school girl who couldn’t even set her eyebrows right. It passes without mentioning that we all thought it was her real self until she married a pastor at a grand garden wedding


Kawira and her man, Ephantus

Oh, and the wedding was a perfect to a fault. Hues of sapphire blue beautifully inter-playing with white in a wedding that made it to to the prime news.

What we all didn’t know was that she grew up a staunch christian which is probably why she got hitched to man of cloth.


Kawira looking glam in an African print flowing gown

She took a course in deejaying after school before enrolling in college for a Mass Communication course.


She never became a full time deejay since all the gigs that she got went late into the night which was against her christian teachings.