Being in the limelight always comes with a certain level of expectations. When people know you have money they want you to use it for the benefit of the society.

Bebe Cool isn’t excused from this kind of mentality. We have seen him help his Ugandan people time and again.

He is a philanthropic soul indeed. We have seen him going out of his way to help people who need medical attention.

Kayla, a young girl from Iganga, Uganda had her story shared as a short video clip and it got Bebe Cool’s attention. She has a skin disease that has left her head in a very bad state. She was taken to Mulango Hospital where the doctors said it is a condition that can be worked on and possibly managed.

Kayla was then to be taken to India where the operation will be performed. This process will cost him 180 million Ugandan Shillings. The condition is a genetic skin disease called Cutis Verticis Gyrata.


Bebe Cool said, “Her Condition is called Cutis Verticis Gyrata. It’s A generic skin disorder as the doctors tell me, but I ask them if we can have her operated on, I am happy the doctors said yes and we are about to have this operation to see if we can save a life, restore her confidence and self-esteem and maybe make a doctor out of her.”

Bebe Cool was also spotted in the hospital where he went to see the Mbozi Za Malwa song producer, Danz Kumapeesa.