Gagamel President, Bebe Cool is set to join law school- Campus Bee has learnt.

The “Go Mama” singer is set to kubonga with higher education as he noticed that his A level certificate is not enough for him to command enough respect in the music industry and among his peers. According to sources, Bebe Cool is to become a fresher this year but only that he might be doing a Certificate in Law at LDC.

With the increasing number of retakes in the Law class, we hope that the “Kasepiki” singer doesn’t take mob bisanjjas (retakes) unless he goes to a university like Nkumba. In an attempt to ease the backlog of court, Bebe Cool has decided to join University.

With the law on his fingertips, we bet Bebe Cool’s kajanja will also soon triple as he will soon start using big words to confuse people. Bebe Cool we welcome you to the table of men.


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