Bebe Cools Wife Zuena Kirima is a lucky woman who got married to the love her life when they were young, and without fame and money except true love. They shared there before which proves true still exists.

As They celebrated their anniversary it was not clear that Zueni was heavy with her sixth child, but rumours were full in the air. After 14 years together as a couple they broke the news later that they are expecting their 6th born.

Zuena¬† was surprised by her husband with baby shower worth millions of shillings though she didn’t see it coming. She had told him, she was going to the salon only for him to pick her up from salon and alas! it was a baby shower.

Bebe Cool and Zuena During Their Wedding In 2003

It was a good pulled surprise after she found all her friends had already turned up for the baby shower. From the pictures she was full of joy as she got changed for the shower.

But when the time came for the couple to receive their bundle of joy, it took her 21/2 hrs of labour pains. For women this a second death and 21/2hrs of continuers pains is no joke.