Diamond vs. alikiba…get into Facebook group right now and be rest assured to get a post like this with thousands of comments and likes.

Ever since we got to know about the two artists, there has always been a simmering beef between the two with Ali Kiba recently making a declaration that Diamond’s manager was out to ruin his performance at the Chris Brown concert in Mombasa.

There was also that rumour which has been rife for a while now that the ‘Marry You’ collabo between Diamond and Ne-Yo was supposed to be Ali kiba’s and he has never forgiven Diamond for stealing it right under his nose.

Diamond recently came out to talk about the alleged beef and made it clear there was none. He actually respected Ali Kiba as he was in the game way back before he realized he wanted to be a Star and that some of his dancers actually used to work with Ali Kiba.

Now who’s reading the sarcasm in this revelation?  And why it’s enough to keep the rumour going?