Otile Brown has for the first time spoken up about his alleged beef with gospel singer Bahati. Mpasho caught up with the Kistaarabu hit maker who opened up about why he shared a post that suggested he did not like Mtoto Wa Mama.

He had previously attacked Bahati about his collabo Barua Kwa Mama with Ugandan singer Eddy Kenzo saying it was ‘poor.’

When Mpasho asked about his hard feeling towards the singer, Otile started off by saying he ‘does not hate the guy.’

“I don’t even hate the guy, That’s where people are getting it all wrong.”

And so, was the song a hit or a miss?

“I’m a very cool guy but I speak my mind. So i just felt like he wasted the collabo, Coz Eddy Kenzo is a big artiste. Ni msanii amejaliwa kuwin mpaka BET Awards. Amekua akifanya vitu vyake wala sina beef, ni maoni yangu tu.”

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Otile then laughed and told this writer that he hasn’t kept quiet about his opinion because he does not fear any artiste.

“I just spoke my mind, meeen, i was like, i don’t like the song, hii song mbaya. I know it sounded rude but we have to make our game vibrant, eti watu wanaogopana, wamenyamaza. Ni showbiz.”

The ladies’ man credits himself for making Bahati’s song trend over a couple of days after he shared the controversial post on social media.