The fresh faced graduate and creator of beautiful hits Benezeri Chibita well known by his stage name Benezeri is set to launch his third album, Made in UG. The concert will be held on Saturday May 14th, beginning from 8pm.

Speaking to Campusbee, Benezeri said that he would be performing all his songs live. In the process he will be taking the audience through a journey from the his first songs in 2012 up to his latest songs (now). The show will be an exclusive black tie affair therefore you have to be classically dressed in blazers and dresses or perfectly good and presentable evening wear.


The Made in UG album will be Benezeri’s third album which features music singles such as Abeyo, Ndiwabulijjo, Togwamu Suubi and Give me love. His first album was named ‘I’m Benezeri’ which featured songs like girls from Kampala, blest and Zuukuka 1 that saw him rising to the top and getting great admiration for his talents.


The second album called, ‘Champion’ followed later on and saw songs like Zuukuka 2 and Mama rise to the top of the charts. The event with be musically packed with artists like Sandra Suubi, Santana, Kemishan, Ruyonga, Big Tril among



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