Most men are cheats. But women make even better cheats. Catching a man cheating is as easy as ABC. Men are careless and will leave evidence lying at every corner…a condom in his laptop bag, lipstick on his shirt and red stilettoes at the back of his car.

However, this is not the case with women. Hunting down a cheating woman requires National Intelligence Service, if she’s not intending to be caught, that is.

Women are always two steps ahead.  They keep re-inventing new cheating tricks. So, dear men, pay attention. Even if you’re sure your woman never strays, the urge might pop up between Maasai Mara and midnight during a work-related seminar in the wild.

A 2012 survey conducted by Ipsos revealed that most men do not think that their partners are likely to cheat.

According to the study, only seven per cent of men listed unfaithfulness in women as a habit they found annoying. Ironically, indecent dressing seemed to irritate most men more.

The study’s findings confirm that as much as men are of the opinion that women are prone to cheating, most of them think that very few women cheat and reckon that, unlike men, women are more discreet and thus it’s hard to catch a woman cheating.

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