Speaking exclusively to True Love Magazine, Betty finally opened up about her relationship with a man named Hassan. It had been stated that she was in a relationship Mombasa governor Hassan Ali Joho, so could she be referring to him?


Anyway, she stated that she was going through so much after her breakup, even though it was claimed that she was in another relationship with another man when she split with Dennis.

She shutdown the rumours and stated that if anything, the infidelity was on Dennis’ side.

On her relationship with Hassan, she told the magazine,

It wasn’t until May (2016) that I became close to Hassan. He was going through the same thing, a separation, and we connected on that level. We tried to have something and it gave me comfort because we understood where we were with each other. He was easy to talk to, hang out and have fun with.”


Betty was feeling much better having someone to talk to who was going through the same thing but along the way she realized that whatever they had was not what she wanted.

She continued,