screenshot-from-2016-09-08-09-56-01-378x420 Entreprenuaship has made many come out of abject poverty! I am not pointing fingers here, though. Now, socialite Vera Sidika has been basking in the grandiosity, sands and  blue skies of Dubai, eating the fruits of her labour. Nyongwa!




 The bootylicious lass jetted into the Emirates, where she has aptly been on a roll with her “just unveiled” filthy rich Dubai-based Nigerian boyfriend, for her 27th birthday celebrations. The globe-trotting socialite had just ended another trip to Europe. Italy, to be precise.


She says:“Only God can take us from Zero to Hero…from nothing to something…From nobody to somebody…so keep Praying God is always with Us! Start with God…Stay with God…End with God!”


Many continue to criticise Vera for her extravagant lifestyle, but why??? It’s her money (or sponsor’s) na hajakuitisha hata peni!! So just let her be. She has supporting assets that always grant her a pass to even the most exotic locations, where some of us will hit the grave without setting foot on. It’s life, though.
She has made it her duty to floss over her travels around the world on her social media pages. I think she does that purposely for her haters! She posted the video below, which clearly indicates Dubai is not a place for any Tom, Dick and Harry.