The controversial socialite Vera Sidika’s birthday celebration came early aboard a private jet with her faceless bae.

The bootylicious socialite shared pictures of her and her bae airborne a private jet, cosying up in readiness for her birthday.

0fgjhs2rr5su9mkvng-f053308cGuess I was an Air Hostess in another Life

Sidika’s lover is only seen wearing a Tshirt, and his hands with a wristwatch next to a pair of half-filled wine glasses


Reunited¬†#Bae #MissedHim #King, she captioned her bae’s photo.


Birthday Loading, Are we there yet?

It appears her faceless bae threw a surprise intimate lunch or dinner,(not sure) on the jet, which was organised by a handsome host.


Sidika was clearly overjoyed and taken by surprise and loved the whole experience, according to her posts.

He planned the surprise ?

0fgjhs75a66a4tigd-1a6e231eThe goddess has been enjoying time in Paris, after soaking up the sun in Dubai weeks before.