BlackGzas Dadi is a rapper and member of of Ukoo Fulani Mau Mau clique.

He was on a media tour to promote his new single titled Wanataka.

However he was met with brutal disappointments when he realized that most of the radio show hosts would only host him only if he bribed them or “buys them lunch.”

It is during the interview with the Star’s Word Is, that BlackGzas got to revealed the frustrations he has gone through to get interviews and promote his music.

“I can say that all has been well but their challenges from the media personalities as they want some bribe for them to interview or host me in their shows.

You ask someone politely to feature you on his show because  you have a new a project but they request for money to do so.

For me, I don’t see the reason to do that because he/she is paid a salary by the company to do their job. After all, I spend a lot of money to produce the video and I don’t even how I will get the money back,” he ranted.

black 1“It is better that money that I would spend to ‘buy lunch’ is given to children in the streets instead of giving someone who is earning a salary so that they can play my music.