Well as many guys out there hate or are rather turned off by girls that bleach, some people will go on to do it not because they are famous but because being light skinned was their child hood dream and this is not limited to the normal kikubbo lady but now to also celebrities and pastors like Bad Black.

Light skin Bad Black
Light skin Bad Black

According many, being light skinned is tagged and associated with extreme hopelessness and being dense as most light skins are just a case of ‘beauty without brains’. Shanitah Namuyimba a.k.a Bad Black the renown modern day conman thinks otherwise.


Shanitah Namuyimba earlier today made a rather intriguing post on her facebook; she said;

“100% beautiful… judge me naye bleaching makes ma life simple coz I look hot… Light skinned babes we rock da world…”

Well, Bad Black, keep being a pseudo light skin!


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