Ugandan singer and newly elected MP Bobi Wine has narrated how his life has been threatened by people who’ve thrown grenades on his house.

This comes after Bobi was seen opposing an age limit repeal debate that was meant to see President Museveni vying for a seat in the next elections.The Ugandan constitution says a president should not exceed 75 years which means, the 73 year-old Museveni will be left out after ruling for 31 years.

This debate brought a lot of drama at the Ugandan parliament as MPs from the ruling and opposition parties turned into wrestlers.

Here is a video of the parliamentary drama:

Bobi has since then received threats, and told the Daily Monitor about the sleepless nights he has been having:

“This morning at around 1:30 Am three explosives were thrown at my house. The police have confirmed that they were hand grenade two of them explodede at the window of my son’s bedroom and one hit the wall.”

This happened after experiencing a similar thing two days before.“Two days ago, two similar grenades were thrown and exploded right behind my house at the banana plantation.”

He says he also received anonymous phone calls threatening him.