Publicity stunts are taking another level!

Let me just say Kenyan artistes are using stunts to market their music, get those Youtube views and what is evident is that some gospel artistes are going to the next level when it comes to these PR stunts.

Well, new records have been set! Remember the guy who sang the hit song Muziki with Darassa? His name is Ben Pol.

Ben is a celebrated Tanzanian singer who has hit the music charts with the songs Phone with Nigeria’s Mr.Eazi and his hit single Moyo Mashine.

This Muziki star shocked many after he posted a picture of his naked self…Yes, stark naked!

Even as some fans thought it would be wiser if he had worn a boxer to cover his nakedness, it is not yet proven if Pol used this to keep fans in track for his long awaited song that is yet to be released.

Well, it seems this is an epic fail with him loosing fans from his social media verified accounts. It is said that so far, this is the craziest publicity stunt that has ever been witnessed in Bongo.