So the last time we checked Bien Aime and Chiki Kuruka are happy and in love!

A rumour made rounds claiming that they had broken up and as usual Bien was quick to shut down the rumours!

The rumours had initially been catalyzed by the fact that the two had not been seen together in events as was the norm.

The whispers were further fueled the when the love birds stopped posting lovey dovey messages too each other on social media as was their custom.

Bien Sauti Sol

They shut down the rumours and we knew that they are tighter than tight.

So now, things seem to be getting real.

During his nature walk, Bien saw two snails on a tree they looked like they were making out and cuddling, I mean it’s the season of a cold weather.

Anyway back to the juicy part of all this. He put it out there that there is a possibility Chiki is not replying his texts.

He said, “Snails making out here and I can’t even get a text back.”

We are always saying communication is the strongest pillar in a relationship. Has their strongest pillar broken down?


Yes, there are women who are always out there waiting for him to be single and jump out of the fanzone to baezone.

So ladies all he wants is a lady who can reply his texts, are you the one? Don’t be afraid.

Slide so quick to his DM there seems to be some trouble in paradise.

Check out the picture from his Gram: