Bruz Newton has been in the spotlight after doing a collaboration with Collins Majale on their popular song ‘Bazokizo’. Collo was a member of Kleptomaniacs group with Robba and Nyashinski before they went their separate ways and he eventually switched to doing gospel music.

bruz newton

The song has received massive airplay on TV and radio stations. ‘Bazokizo’ is currently at 1million six hundred views on Youtube.

It hasn’t been a bed of roses though for Bruz Newton who started as a dancer in the Titans group.  He faced a lot of criticism but still decided to go for his dream.

Bruz just like any other celebrity has had his share of embarrassing moments.

According to People Daily Newspaper, he disclosed a bad moment on stage;

” It was a while back when I used to dance with Titans group. We were performing at Kenya International Convention CENTER and my trouser got torn from the middle.”

Bruz also narrates his worst public embarrassment ever;

”This year during the County Level Drama Festival , I walked up to one of the judges to talk to her. I bent over and I could hear  some giggling behind me .My pants were torn .My boxer was visible . What’s worse , a student is the one who pointed it out.”