A few days ago the social media was awash with news that Hero Radio had shut down operations after a fake memo surfaced purporting that the popular radio station was letting go its entire work force.

“In every journey there must be stop overs. Unfortunately Hero radio has come to one. We have decided to break so many beautiful hearts who have worked tirelessly to ensure we remain afloat but the tide has proven to be stronger than us,” The fake memo read in part.

Hero Radio CEO Sam West dismissed the memo and explained that the popular Nakuru based radio station was only rebranding and had not sacked its employees.

Ghafla! has also learnt that Hero Radio has since started advertising job positions at the station. Sam West confirmed the station was in search of new talent to join the rebranded station.

“As part of our rebranding activities, Hero Radio is keen on improving its content and giving new opportunities to new budding talents. Are you confident enough that you can entertain the public with good vibes, great voice and content. Then we are looking for you.

Sam West and his fiancee singer Vivian

“A fresh breath of music. All we ever wanted is to remain true to our slogan. As we re-brand we fell that the only better way of doing this is to offer new opportunities to the youths of this country. Hero radio has therefore opened its doors once again to new talents. As the re-branding process which is in top gear takes over, we want to give our die hard listeners a fresh breath of music, new content, shows and events. We are a hype radio station and we will continue living to the real hype.

“Our hiring window will close on 23rd of August 2017 after which we will unveil the new face of hero radio. We promise to bring back the days radio was radio. We call upon all out followers, clients, partners and fans to get ready for an exciting new journey,” Sam West said.

All applicants are required to submit a 5 minutes voice demo, updated CV & a recent full sided photo to [email protected] or call 0723 124 137 for more info.