Nigerian singer Burna Boy was performing at a popular club in Kenya last weekend, which turned out to be an epic fail. Burna Boy went on stage a few minutes to 4am after lateness that our sources say might have been intentional.

Hours after, the Tonight hit maker traded barbs with Kenyan R&B singer Anto Neosoul, which was followed by him blocking Anto and other Kenyans who tried to tweet him. He would go ahead to insult a popular radio presenter and call his Kenyan fans ‘peasants’.

This is not the only drama he has. Burna Boy has broken the Internet with even more scandals:


He Stripped Naked At A Tribute

In October 2013, Burna Boy stripped naked at a tribute to legendary Afrobeat proponent, the late Fela Kuti, while performing his  Run My Race song, which left many jaws dropping over the situation and condemning the artiste for such disgusting behaviour.

Fights With Fellow Artistes

In January 2015, Burna Boy was involved in a fight with a dancehall artiste identified as Nuffalo Soulja in South Africa. According to top dancehall African act Buffalo Souja, Burna Boy’s entourage physically assaulted him at the Annual All-White Party organised by South African rapper Da Les.

In May 2015, the Nigerian rapper threatened to hospitalise or kill any blogger who writes things about him.


“These bloggers be writing shit thinking its a game until I see yall face to face one day and hospitalize or murk u. We gon meet 1day #onsight” he tweeted.

Poses With A Gun

This man is dangerous! In June 2015, the Yawa Dey hit maker shared an Instagram post where he posed with a gun and wrote:
“This is not a movie or music video. Truss mi daddy.”

He would later delete the post amid criticism from fans.



Baby Mama Drama

Recently, a lady identified as Uju Stella came out to say that she was impregnated by Burna Boy and he would then run from his responsibilities. Burna Boy has since said he did not give Bele (pregnancy) to anyone, adding that he only slept with her once.

“fu**ked that girl once and now she’s claiming that she’s pregnant.”

This guy is just the king of drama!