One of the celebrated dancehall artistes Busy Signal was in the country last week where he brought Nairobi to a standstill at the KICC.

Talking exclusively to Mpasho, Busy Signal was asked to give advice to the notorious Gaza Gang and other gangs from the hoods that have been terrifying Nairobi residents.

The question got him by surprise:

“Oh My God! Gangs are negatives. I have never had a gang that is a good gang. Where is the good gang? Have you heard about a good gun? Its a negative thing.Thats stupid. We need to bring them back, with strength,no man can do it by themselves because we need them. Each day we are loosing more strength.”

He continued to say:

“We need to build a bond with ourselves and our people.Instead of emulating stupidness We could follow a chain of greatness.”

Busy also had a message for Hessy:

”it is so difficult to loose our brothers and sisters.I don’t ever wanna hear about people getting killed. Its too much that has been going on.We got to change all that we got to focus, we got to do something positive. We got to view that positive life, and see that light at the end of the tunnel where we could actually make it or we could make something out of ourselves to be proud of. Not to denounce our brothers and sisters.”

The One More Night singer continued to say:

“We can’t afford to be loosing our brothers and sisters Its better to build a nation that to kill a nation.We could do that through music and stop it and we could do it through a movement of positive thinking and a positive environment.”

Busy Signal

Without doubt, Busy Signal is one of an artistes with a large following from the hoods of Nairobi’s inner cities and was saddened by the fact that some youth like the Gaza gang have been emulating behaviours that he calls ‘Stupiditynes‘ and has urged them to get out of it.

Mwenye sikio?