She goes by the stage name, Cashy, who recently came into the limelight after working with her popular boyfriend Khaligraph Jones in their new song Micasa Sucasa.

The hit song turned out to be one of the biggest songs of 2016 after it scooped a whooping 1 Million views on YouTube, and it’s clear that Cashy’s touch to the song gave it a different twist that fans loved.

Cashy, real name,  Karimi Muriungi was all this time hiding her talent behind the celebrated rapper, yet she has amazing rapping skills that she could use to make a name for herself, but for some reason, she doesn’t love being in the limelight.

But this lass is not just about the talent and good looks, she’s also very witty and intelligent. She’s currently enrolled in school pursuing two different degrees and also managing her side hustle.

Though they only revealed their relationship a few months ago, Cashy and Khaligraph have actually dated for 4 years but preferred keeping it on the low.

Cashy tried out rapping a while back and actually, music is what brought her and boo Khaligraph Jones together. While she was trying to put out more songs and establish herself in the Hip-Hop industry, she met Khaligraph, who promised to mentor her, and the rest is history.

With time, Cashy’s love for fame faded away, but her chemistry with music has always been there, and she’s actually Papa Jones’ number one fan who supports his songs 100%. Through his best and worst moments of his career, she’s always been by his side.

Well, way before Khaligraph Jones, Cashy tried out dating but there’s one particular date that she would rather forget. She gave her worst dating experience to the Pulse, revealing how she once got arrested while on a special date in Westlands.

Cashy, Khaligraph and Alicios

Cops suddenly stormed in and arrested everyone in the premises. Apart from spending a few minutes inside a police van and the station, we were forced to part with the money we were to use on the date.

Cashy then went straight home after they were finally released by the cops. Not a good experience, right? At least it was not with her now boo Khaligraph Jones.