It’s both entertaining and disturbing when ‘hot’ women in the entertainment industry engage in nasty cat fights. But one wonders, is such rivalry good or bad for the showbiz industry? Considering how few they are, should female entertainers be fighting and pulling each other down, in the first place? And do they, perhaps, give credence to the notion that women are their own worst enemies? Well, we present to you some of the recent beefs in the industry. Be the judge.

Amina Vs Mwalimu Rachael

Could this be a story of a ‘teacher’ who slept on the job, only for one of her best ‘student’ to come and take up her job? Rachael, commonly known as ‘Mwalimu’, was among the first presenters at Homeboyz Radio when it started. Amina on the other hand was a student at the radio station’s academy. Amina was so good that she was the only student who got to be an intern at Homeboyz Radio where she learnt the ropes.

Whenever Rachael was away, Amina used to sit in for her. At one point, when Racheal was on maternity leave, Amina had a relatively longer stint on the show that she made a name for herself. It was at about the same time Amina was also on every song in your radio from Swag featuring Octopizzo to All On Me featuring Jay A. All of a sudden Amina became a big brand, with Capital FM poaching her.

Rachel on the other hand took the game a notch higher when she began doing TV shows. It was rumoured that around the same time Amina’s former boss with whom they are very tight began helping her land some of the gigs meant for Rachael, including a TV show and at this point, industry pundits say, is probably where beef began.

But one wonders isn’t that what competition is all about? When called to comment on the status of their beef, both declined to comment on the matter: “Leave me out of this. I do not want to be caught in the middle of it.”

Njeri Vs Femi One

Femi One, the Maumbile hit maker who until last year was the hottest female rapper on the street, especially after that Ligi Soo collaboration that had her signed to Kaka Empire label seems to be fighting with one Njeri aka kikuyu girl from Kiambu.

Njeri is an upcoming rapper who quickly rose to fame last year when she released her hit song Nduta featuring veterans like Nameless, Bien Baraza of Sauti Sol and STL. Whether it was the media pitting them against each other or not, eventually the rumours gained a life of their own.

Femi One has never publicly been quoted hating on Njeri, but late last year when Njeri’s management reached out to Femi One for a collabo, they were reluctant to accept the offer, and gave unreasonable terms for the collaboration.

It later emerged that besides what Njeri considered a pointed dig aimed at her in some of Femi One’s lyrics, she did not like her music. To show how much dislike the two rappers have for each other, when Njeri was asked about what she would do if she woke up as Femi One in an interview on Kiss FM last Monday morning, she said she would move to Uganda. Ouch!

Huddah Vs Vera Sidika

This was arguably the fiercest cat-fight of all time and even though the two have called a truce, it is still on the minds of many. The battle was one of supremacy as each of them quickly rushed to crown themselves ‘the queen’ of all socialites. While none of them has publicly declared her wealth, we have a feeling that Pulse video vixen of the year Vera, popularly known as Vee the bossete rakes in more money.

The beef was evident when rumours that Vee’s skin lightening had backfired surfaced, with Huddah taking to Facebook to poke fun and troll her. Their beef was so bad that Huddah wanted to engage in a physical fight, claiming she was tired of social media fights.

In a statement allegedly written by Vera Sidika on a social media back in 2013, she explained it all in a single sentence; @vee_beiby: Jealousy; Once friends then ur life gets better n u even invite ur pal to house warming. She doesn’t show up. And forever starts hating on You!

The statement above doesn’t reveal who failed to show on who’s house warming party and the hates commences since she was indirectly replying to Huddah’s negative post about her.

Thursday was yesterday, but allow me to take you back to where it all started in 2013.

@HUDDAHMONROE: Ni**as and bit**es are all ballers on Instagram but their families live in the slums though!

@HUDDAHMONROE: You know though about that Elephant-sized b**ch though LMFAO!

@HUDDAHMONROE: I thought People use Photoshop to add hips, she uses to reduce her size and create a gap btwn her legs LOL! “@KarenNyamol” “@KarenNyamol: @HUDDAHMONROE we all know! The owner of the house in Nigeria is about to sue

@HUDDAHMONROE: The chick who drinks champagne but she was borrowing my ni**as 4k on her birthday LOOL!

@HUDDAHMONROE: Some gals always attacking me indirectly and when I respond people say I’m bitter. Im in competition with No woman,maybe Beyonce! LOL