Flamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir bought a Range Rover and the whole country knew about it. The hype around his SUV made many wonder whether there were no other classy Range Rovers in Kenya.

Donald Kipkorir made the whole country know he had bought a Range Rover Sport HSE 2016, he claimed he was the only Kenyan who owned that specific type of Range Rover.

Several prominent Kenyans fired at Kipkorir over his ostentatious display of his new toy.

Thought Kipkorir’s Range Rover Sport HSE 2016 cost as much as President Uhuru’s 16 million Range Rover Vogue, but the vehicle is just half the price of a Vogue, Range Rover Sport HSE 2016 costs $ 69,950 or Kes 7,099,789.

Probably Kipkorir spent more than 7 million to buy his vehicle. But there are a number of Kenyan celebs who owns Range Rovers that are within that price tag.

1. Jaguar


He’s among one of the richest musicians in Kenya. Jaguar owns a fleet of posh European-made cars including a Jaguar XJ and a Range Rover.

Jaguar is a proud owner of Range Rover Sport 2015 which cost him some $ 63,350/Kes 6.4 million or more.

Unlike Kipkorir who is a lawyer, Jaguar is allowed to boast about his posh SUV because he’s in showbiz which demands one to be showy with their possessions.

2. Ringtone


The controversial gospel singer is another multimillionaire whose garage has vehicles that cost millions of shillings.

Immediately Jaguar bought his Range Rover last year, Ringtone also declared he was going to upgrade from his old Range Rover to the latest one in the market.

True to his words the ‘Tenda Wema’ spoilt himself with a Range Rover 2015 which is similar to the one Jaguar owns.

3. Victor Wanyama


The Kenyan international bought himself a Range Rover sport while he was still earning Kes 5 million a week playing for Southampton FC.

Wanyama’s Range Rover came to limelight when thieves stole it when they broke into his house in UK. The SUV which was then valued at Kes 8 million was quickly recovered by British cops.

4. Jalango


Jalango is also team Range Rover! The Radio Maisha presenter-cum-comedian owns a Range Rover Overfinch 2003-2005 model.

The SUV still fetches million of shillings in the market. The latest Overfinch costs more than Kes 20 million.

5. Ken Wa Maria


The vernacular singer owns Range Rover sport 2005-2013 model which cans still cost you Kes 2 million and above to own one.