They did what they did, were shamed by Kenyans before they dusted themselves off and moved on with life. Most of these Kenyan celebrities hit the headlines sometime last year and of course, we wonder where they went to, right? They must have gone silent to escape the wrath of fans but even as other celebrities emerge with even worse scandals, here’s a list of celebrities who’ve moved on after being the subject of public scrutiny for their scandals;

Creme De La Creme

He is definitely one of the best Dj’s in town even after his s3x tape scandal. He defended himself through an interview in a local Tv show, adding that he was glad that that particular clip gave lessons to people and has since then moved on, happy with his life with his wife Denise.

“It was a bad example but am glad that people have learnt from that story…Learnt that you need to do things not thinking about today but think about the future…You know some things have to happen in your life to be humble enough…In the midst of that storm i think i have found myself coz its been a journey of self discovery’


Mustapha And Marya

His public break up with Chokoza hit maker Marya was downright nasty after the two ex lovers exchanged blows on social media. Mustapha would then say that the singer had cheated on him leading to their break-up. Mustapha moved on to socialite Huddah after he released a song “Dodoma” which many fans considered pornographic. Since then, Mustapha has had a chain of scandals while Marya has found herself a flamboyant boyfriend and the two have a baby together.


Betty Bayo And Pastor Kanyari

Kanyari is a creative pastor, from the 310 panda mbegu allegations to touching other women’s goodie goodies, he really made headlines! He and ex wife singer Betty Bayo hit the internet by storm after Kanyari was busted conning Kenyans of their hard earned cash. Betty would then go into exile in the US and return pregnant. Did she get another baby daddy? Well, Kanyari doesn’t appear much in public, and Betty too.

Pastor Omba And Gloria Muliro

Silence, sorrow and loneliness rocked Gloria Muliro’s heart for the longest time in her marriage with her congolese Pastor Omba. The pastor is alleged to have had flings with female congregants. Later, the pastor would mistreat the Kitanzi hit maker to a point of embarrassing her before friends and even writing rules that her friends should follow. Well, the singer had enough and called it quits. The pastor is currently planning to get married to another lass while Gloria is now concentrating on her music.

Gloria explained;
“I always knew he was cheating on me and friends would always come around with reports but i always shut them out. I did not want outsiders, but God to show me the truth . In fact, besides my family and one bishop, no one else knew the hell I was going through… He even sent me over to a friend’s place saying she would teach me how to cook and keep good hygiene only to discover that I was being turned into a house girl.”

Eric Omba would then blame Gloria for their break up;

” it is true that the joy and the union of a couple comes from babies and that is why the baby issue has been coming up. Gloria can’t give me a babies, only God can and we have been working on that. Probably if we had one,these things would not be happening.” 


From being declared the richest gospel artiste in Kenya to being evicted for defaulting on rent! It was claimed that singer Ringtone hadn’t paid rent in a while for what we all thought was his Karen home after details from the owner’s advocate reached us. The guy is now living in Runda, maybe another posh rental? Let’s hope this time there will be no eviction scandals.