Being a celebrity is not an easy job. You have to ensure that you are always on the right; doing right things every time or else you will be caught off guard by paparazzis. Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz was recently left embarrassed and humiliated after a photo of his showing off his buttocks in white boxers surfaced online.maxresdefault


The photo has ignited various reactions amongst the Utanipenda hit fans who have condemned his ‘bad behaviour’ calling upon him to apologise.

“Nitabia gani hio realy?”

“Elizabeth Auleria He’s 26 anyway, leave Zari’s first born alone …

really???he is a celeb…paparazzis are always around him..he is the one to grow up”

“Telling a man to grow up at 26 nî ngumu, but am sure he’ll get there some day”

Read some of the comments. Others even went ahead to pity Zari saying that Diamond was a toy boy and he isn’t yet mature to be a husband.

“Zari is wasting her time with this one, ujana bado haijaisha,money doesn’t make u grow up”said an angry woman. 

Some women even went further on to criticise his dressing code and one posted a question asking how many boxers he was putting on.diamond-platnumz

“Mimi swali langu ni: kwani amevaa boxers mbili? The white one and the checked one?”

It is not clear what was the motive of the person who took the photo, but one can tell that Diamond and his crew were busy getting ready and this person took a photo while they were dressing getting ready for the show.