Being a celebrity comes with its own baggage, and one major one is trying to stay relevant in the scene. Here are some of the stunts our Kenyan celebrities pulled in 2016 that almost had everyone fooled.

7. Avril pregnancy

The beautiful lass who is a singer/ actress wowed everyone when she posted an Instagram picture depicting pregnancy. As much as the pic was meant to be a sweet joke, many were left wondering who was the lucky guy.

Avril angered some fans when she suddenly showed up with this picture suggesting she was pregnant

6. Rachel Shebesh the ‘carbon copier’

Our politicians are certainly living example of the fact that you have to go out of your way to achieve what you never have. Nairobi Women Representative attempted to do a ‘sweet’ gesture by offering to help a beggar on the street, but she was only days late as a safaricom employee had already done the original noble deed. And Kenyans were quick to remember

One of the memes that went viral after Rachel Shebesh mimicked a Safaricom employee

5. Eric Omondi breakup

Think of marketing, and celebrities are the quickest way to sell your product.. Such was the case with Eric Omondi and his girlfriend Chantal Grazzioli who went on to stage a break up only for Kenyans to realize later that it was all a marketing strategy for a local brand.

Eric Omondi and his fiancee fooled everyone by forging a fight

4. Bahati sitting on the President’s chair

In August, the much loved Bahati tried his fans’ patience when he daringly sat on the highly regarded Presidential chair during a performance at the official launch of the Jubilee party. While the President himself saw nothing to it, Kenyans were not amused at all.

Bahati was daring enough to sit on the President’s chair while peforming

3. Bungoma’s James Bond

This one had a touch of irony to it. Perhaps the man had a lifelong dream of boarding a chopper. His act angered authorities but Kenyans in general were rather impressed, if not amused.

2. Bob Collymore matatu tout

Virtually everyone is Bob Collymore’s customer. The Safaricom CEO knows this all too well and decided to attempt to coerce Kenyans a little by taking up the ‘beba beba’ role. But Kenyans, being the soldiers they are, were quick to point out the major flaws of his stunt, including the fact that Mr. Bob had conspicuously concealed the route number as he was wooing passengers to board his bus.

1. William Ruto Nyama choma

The President and his DP most certainly love their Nyama choma. So much, that they decided to PR their way into Kenyans hearts through eating at various informal places all year long. The famous, “Tutakula nyama wakimeza mate’ (“We’ll eat meat as they keep salivating”) went viral for all the wrong reasons and this played part in their botched stunt. Who will be eating “nyama” come 2017?

Which stunt stole the show for you?

Watch the video below: