It comes a time in ones life when everything falls into place whether you like it or not. But the walk of Zari and Diamond has taken been and full of ups and downs like any other relationship and them being celebrities.

One of the factors being their was mared by all sorts of drama and the tough tests as it has been posted on social medias time and again. But as Swahili say “hayawi hayawi , mwisho huwa”.

It is like finally Diamond and Zari will be walking down the isle this weekend as she is said to have flown her kids to Tanzania.

The elder son having hinted something like that could be happening, after he posted on his social media hearts, and a diamond ring. And Indicating he is flying to Tanzania.

And a Tanzania blog confirmed that Zaris kids are in Tanzania already.

Fans are excited of the new happenings, but after Daimond Posted in a flight to London with his manager it’s raising confusion, as of what is happening?

Diamond’s manager Babu Tale had barely a week ago announced that the controversial couple was set to marry in three weeks time, but did not specify the date.