No one is ever prepared for death, and no one knows how to handle the loss of a loved on. Kenyans were plunged into a state of shock when the following beloved celebrities passed away without anyone anticipating them.

Below is a list of 6 celebs who left us too soon, but not before having left their mark and legacy:

6. Fidel Odinga


The first born son of CORD leader Raila Odinga on June 4, 2015 came as a shock to Kenyans.

It was said he died after a night out with friends. He was found dead in his bedroom.

He left behind four siblings, an ex wife, a wife and a son.

5. Kelvin Rost


Rost died at the Aga Khan Hospital after a severe asthma attack on August 10, 2015.

His childhood was difficult when his parents died and was left in the hands of his grandmother.

Unfortunately, his granny died too and was then left to an aunt and uncle who apparently ‘tortured’ him before he decided to make his own way in life.

He was an actor on Ciizen TV’s Tahidi High.

4. Nana Gichuru


Gichuru died in a freak accident on a Thika Road bypass on September 22, 2015.

In an incident where speed was said to have been involved, her caar plunged under an oncoming trailer and she was crushed to death.