Today is the 14th of February, a day when most couples go out of their ways to impress one another. On this day, lovers splash money to an extent that it looks like a competition or an attempt to outdo one another in a show of financial might.

We decided to call up your favourite celebrities to find out their plans for this day and what they have in store for their significant others.

While some divulged that they will be going on vacations abroad and taking their partners with them, others said its just a day like any other and that they had nothing planned.


The sultry songstress told us that she had nothing special planned. “I don’t have any plans, kwani si its just a normal Tuesday,” she remarked.

Liz told us that she is out of town having a good time with her fiancé. “I am already on my Valentine’s. I went fist to Zanzibar, last week around Friday I went to Nyali then I went to Malindi. I plan to go to Diani tomorrow with my guy,” she said